The company EUROFRESH, taking into account the importance that the knowledge, commitment and protection of Human Rights in the workplace from its workers, suppliers and contractors deserves, creates the Policy for Approaching Human Rights in the Workplace and the ETI code. This policy aims to express the commitment of the companies of the EUROFRESH group to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the relationship it has with the activity that these companies carry out. 

With the creation of this policy, EUROFRESH understands the responsibility that corresponds to its workers, suppliers and contractors in matters of Human Rights. For this purpose, the responsibilities and scope it will have are described below. 

Scope and area of application 

The guidelines stated in this policy will be the guide that will indicate how the company will address human rights and the ETI code based on the labor relations that the company maintains with its workers, suppliers and contractors. So it will be applicable to employees, suppliers, contractors and members of the company’s board of directors, with whom it undertakes to make this policy known in a timely manner and / or when any change or revision arises. 


The responsibility for implementing and reporting the Policy for Addressing Human Rights in the Workplace and the ETI code will be the department of Human Resources, Auxiliary Purchases and the Directorate of EUROFRESH, who will ensure correct and strict compliance with the guidelines. that dictates this policy. Therefore, EUROFRESH concretely presents the responsibilities regarding Human Rights and the ETI Code before its employees, suppliers and contractors. 

Commitment and principles of action 

Eurofresh is committed to informing, respecting and publishing all internationally recognized human rights and ETI code and collected in: 

  • The United Nations International Charter of Human Rights, which includes: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights 
  • The OIT Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. 
  • The principles of the ETI Code. 

Responsibility to our employees, suppliers and contractors 

Eurofresh understands that employees are its greatest and most precious asset and that therefore they are one of the main human rights responsibilities. By the foregoing, it is understood that the pillars on which the development of the human capital of a company is based are: respect for diversity, equal opportunities, earned merit and non-discrimination for reasons of skin color, race, political ideology / religious or any other circumstance; The company will address human rights and the ETI code under the following guidelines. 

For the success of the aforementioned guidelines, the company assumes and undertakes to promote the following basic principles that must determine its performance in the workplace: 

  • Demand by any means, verbally or electronically, in writing, to all the professionals and suppliers of the company, the strict respect for human and labor rights recognized in the national and international legislation previously mentioned in the development of their activity. 
  • Reject child labor and forced or compulsory labor and respect the freedom of association and collective bargaining, as stated in our Social Responsibility Policy in points 8 and 9.
  • Request their suppliers to comply with the ETI Code, which obliges them to promote actions and adopt the necessary measures in their organization to eliminate all forms or modalities of forced or compulsory labor, to expressly reject the use of child labor in their organization. , to respect the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining of its workers, to reject any discriminatory practice in terms of employment and occupation, treating its employees fairly, with dignity and respect, and to pay its workers in accordance with applicable wage laws, including minimum wages, overtime, and social benefits. 
  • Implement the appropriate measures in case of detecting the violation of human rights in its facilities or in those of its suppliers, in the terms provided in the ETI Code. 
  • Have complaint and claim mechanisms, with sufficient guarantees to deal with possible cases of human rights violations that may be reported by persons or organizations outside the Group:
  • Ensure a culture of respect for human rights, the ETI code and raise awareness among its professionals in this area with training, pamphlets published in the informational murals throughout the company and especially in those areas where the risk of violation of the rights may be higher. 

A signed copy of this declaration has been delivered to the head of the company in matters of social practices, to the representative of the workers. A copy of this document will be available to any employee upon request and will be displayed in a conspicuous place whenever possible.